I Was Born Crazy :)
writing the Foxy x Mike fanfic.. with a twist


deciding to rewrite the story. No more of that whole yaoi stuff, sorry guys. actually since foxy is actually mike’s- NO DON’T SPOIL IT! Adding a ton more mystery, the missing children theory, and a strange plot twist.. just need a little more inspiration and i’ll post it later. I can’t write love fics.. but we’re gonna have a epic adventure story here. 

"We got somethin’ to tie this shitbird up?"


At least their all together



At least their all together


I was thinking of drawing this but I tried my best to draw the characters ft myself looking for a job so I hope you enjoy it.

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I took these pics (pictures)

I can’t believe I’m watching this

Still trying my best

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I’ve draw some characters from the TWDG ft twdg 400 days


I hope if I’m still doing this if anyone wanted to me to draw more characters from the walking dead.

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